We made it EASY for you with 3 Steps

Let’s be real: renting furniture can be a chore, in the worst sense of the word. Driving from store to store, forgetting measurements, walking past so many sofas that they all start to look the same…Sound familiar?

Step 1

Please add all the items you would like to rent to the Cart.

Step 2

Add the entire information and click "Finalize the Quote" button. We will receive an email with your order. A copy of your submitted quote will also be sent to your Email.

Step 3

We will check the availability of the items and get back to you within one business day. We can also put selected items on hold for up to 7 days at no cost to you.


Delivery Time & Charges

    Our delivery charges within Toronto are $60 for delivery and $60 for pick up. Outside Toronto delivery charges depend on a distance. Delivery charges also include furniture set up (if needed). We try our best to Deliver at your Request at all times. Please speak to our Furniture specialist for RATES outside of TORONTO we guarantee the best Delivery rates for you.

Payment Methods

    We accept Visa and MasterCard. We also accept cash, debit or e-mail money transfer, but we will still ask you to provide a credit card number to keep on file. We will Charge your order once delivered only.


Minimum Order

    Our minimum order is $400 (before taxes and delivery charges). If your quote is below minimum order, please call our office at (416) 284-4100 we will try our best to accommodate your order.
    All our Furniture is made in CANADA and if you fall in LOVE with a piece we can make arrangements for you to purchase.