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Furniture Rentals for Home Staging, Event Rentals & Interior Decorating

“Quality is our GURANTEE!!!!”


If you are a Designer/Stager/Realtor, and need furniture for short term and long-term rental TRENDZ RENT has everything you are looking for as a one-stop designer furniture rental with Lamps to furniture to décor items we got it all!! TRENDZ RENT can furnish a whole house or a small Condo. All Furniture and Accessories was chosen by our very own Interior Decorator. TRENDZ RENT knows exactly what the market is and can help you with your project. We rent on a monthly basis, long term, Event rentals or you can purchase the items as well. At TRENDZ RENT you get your $$$$ RIGHT AWAY. Just click at the products you want to RENT send in the QUOTE and we will provide you the $$ and the delivery date RIGHT AWAY. At TRENDZ RENT we offer full service of Home Staging with Furniture for affordable RATES Simply send in a QUOTE with information will provide you a qualified STAGER to guide you and get your property STAGED to fit in to any BUDGET


100We stand behind our products with:

  • No Bedbugs, Flees or Any Other Insects
  • No Cat or Dog Hair. No Dirt of any kind.
  • No Coffee Stains.
  • No Broken Legs. No Worn-out Fabric. No Scratches. No Dents.

WE DELIVER On time with a flexible TIME WINDOW.

We don’t leave any garbage or mess as we have great staff and if any accidental damage occurs we will take care of it as no COST to you.

We are OPEN 7 Days a week to serve you.